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2010-01-11 04:55:49 by Sixty-60


I won't be this changing account thingys until I want to! Won't submit art, won't post anything at the forums and especially THIS News Post!!!

Rejoining the level collab!

2009-12-26 22:32:23 by Sixty-60

I'm rejoining the Ng Levels Art Collab! I'm doing level 54! I quite haven't started yet...

NG Game Quiz!

2009-12-24 21:11:16 by Sixty-60

The games on this quiz includes medals.

1. The game has...
a. Obstacles
b. Guns
c. Cheating
d. Ridiculous Quiz Answers

2. The hazards are...
a. Sucker punch walls, goop cannons and cannons
b. Henchmen
c. The teacher
d. Getting wrong answers

3. It is...
a. Fun
b. Kinda Hard
c. Nice! :3
d. Funny!

Answers in my next post...

I'm joining a collab!

2009-12-23 22:30:14 by Sixty-60

Hey guys! I'm joining a collab! It's the NG Levels Art Collab! I'm doing level 43!

I'm joining a collab!

I made a funny captioned pic! Well... I spent 2 minutes doing it... Well... I hope it makes you laugh!

Just made myself a Captioned Pic!


2009-12-21 00:04:26 by Sixty-60

I was Facebooking and I saw something funny! LOL!


Back To Photoshop!

2009-12-16 19:33:18 by Sixty-60

Hey guys! I'm just that I'm back to Photoshop... SO... It's Christmas... So I made a Resolution...

1) I wish that I could get better a t Photoshop.
2) I wish that my family will have peace and harmony.
3) I wish that I have good grades.
4) I wish that I could learn flash.
5) I wish that tomorrow, something cool will happen

That's my Resolution then...

- Sixty-60

Just because my training instructor thought i wasn't fast,strong or intelligent enough... So I'm out! Sorry JakBaronKing... :(

I just found a cool website!

2009-12-13 00:02:32 by Sixty-60

I just found a cool website! It's called A10! The games there are Arcuz, The Impossible Quiz and many many more!